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Cheveux Blancs.net : Go to the hairdresser every month to cover white hair regrowth è a big hassle. also point out the hair with colors often aggressive can weaken the fiber, when also cause allergies. Because é doesn\'t say enough for the color of slavery ù often go to the hairdresser and decide they don\'t dare salt and pepper head many Hollywood stars are beautiful and are the tendency of white hair è to conquer podiums:. in Paris and New York, Milan and London, increasingly ù designers and hairdressers marched for the next models of spring with total white or grey hair. According to psychologists to decide to leave the hair natural è a sign of strength, because é means for themselves and accept the passage of time. Of course, being aware of their beauty despite some black and wear a naturally beautiful salt and pepper hair requires a strong character and a strong personality à. But why not try é? You can start with the ò slowly get used to the new look, bearing in mind that no fatal è choice: If you do not feel comfortable, you can ò come back. At first, some white son. Then multiply to convert salt and pepper in a sweet \"total white\". COS ì beautiful and charming, but also difficult to accept. This è the opportunity to get back into the match with a different hue à of expression. Almost a new beginning. If you decided not to attempt to dye your gray hair, trust hair salon that will skip à drastic measures and mix white son with a color most ù close as possible to your natural hair. Improve the scanning technique: the play of light and shadow to create hue à similar to those of growth, making it less visible separation. Then just wait until the hair grows back and mix with naturalo dyed, gradually cut. If White\'s son are few, not è required hair with too short a break. A long runs behind, andr à well. Even perfect cut paraded a disheveled-chic, cos ì à you will see less of gray. If the son are all white hair, opt for a short neck with the discovery and long locks around the oval or a boyish bob. To avoid sloppy, è good for salt and pepper wires to be healed. Gray hair and mild, nero ù é è pi perch are low in sulfur amino acids (methionine and cystine). They are more rigid and ù pu ò be seen, because é è bone discovered than the pigmented hair. Therefore, need special care of your hair. S ì for body wraps, body masks and products, also recommended the hairdresser, and silicones that eliminate Frizz, smoothing the cuticle proteins-and make them more ù rubber bands and hair hydrated. It is also recommended that a shampoo anti-yellow, with pigments and purple wisteria, uniform color and d à a nice freshness, strengthen silvery.

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Cheveux Blancs.net - Hairdressers hair health care in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, with hair style for fashion photos and sales of hair-hair care products.

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Gossip & News

02 Aug 19
Jamie Stevens

This collection encapsulates the hairstylist's signature style, a mix of contrasting textures, long and short hair and a vibrant background of shapes and colours to complement the hair and clothes and make the images pop. The hairstylist loves working on all types of hair and treat it as a fabric on which he can create a limitless of looks.

Collection: Vibrancy
Ph: Jens Wikholm
Make-up: Jess Mowbray & Doey Drummond
Stylist: Robert Morrison


02 Aug 19
Rainbow Room International Uddingston

Collection: Congress


01 Aug 19

DEADIVA, azienda leader nella produzione di accessori
professionali per parrucchieri come phon, ferri, piastre
e macchine puliscispazzole, ti invita a scoprire la sua

DEADIVA si è trasferita a Ferno (Varese), in Via Quarto 10.
In un ambiente moderno e luminoso, l'azienda si impegna
ogni giorno a cercare soluzioni all'avanguardia per migliorare
sempre più il lavoro del parrucchiere. 

Gli uffici

Il reparto lavorazione

01 Aug 19
Klaus Peter Ochs

Collection: Cyborg Men
Ph: Laurence Laborie and Studio Zajaczek
Make-up: Florent Pellet
Stylist: Mickael Komer and Elmarie Lignier
Artistic Team: Davide Carsidona, Lisa Raab and Vanessa Schwebel


01 Aug 19
Matjaz Cej

Collection: Salon
Ph: Matjaz Cej
Make-up: Matjaz Salon


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